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* I do not know if the product is miraculous or not, but after 10 days I already noticed an increase of 1.5 centimeters in length and a thicker penis. I use it 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night, I know it is not recommended to over use, but I have not noticed any injuries or anything like that. Shipping and delivery is very discreet and reliable.

Andrés / Buenos Aires, Argentina

* To see if it worked I measured thoroughly every day. I started using it on May 03, 2016 and measured erect length: 14.9 cm. Using 5 days and resting 2. Now on June 8, 2016 it measures erect length: 17.5 cm. Apparently it really works, I’m very happy with the results.

Patricio / Antofagasta, Chile

* I give the highest rating for the great customer service via Whatsapp and for the professionalism in the sales process. I ordered it and it arrived the next day without any problems, all ok. 100% recommended. Now I will use my hydromax 7 hehe greetings

Javier / Medellin, Colombia

* It took me a couple of days to understand how to use the Hydromax 7 and about a month to see results but I kept using it and I’m seeing progress every week.


Marcelo / Lima, Perú

* My experience with the Bathmate pump and the exercises is that it really works, but the first month you will not have an increase of many inches. I have been doing this for 3 months and I started with 14 cm and I’m going in 16.5 cm you have to be constant with this.

Oscar / Guadalajara, México

* I bought the hydro pump 3 weeks ago and I am very happy with the product. I have been using it 5 times a week and I have already noticed improvements. I think it’s a good product that meets expectations.

Alejandro / Miami, USA

* I paid by credit card and received the Hydromax 9 in 1 day. Thanks for the great handling of my order and fast shipment ment, it is clear that this is a professional and serious company. Best regards.

Felipe / Santiago, Chile

* I’ve been using the Hydromax 5 for 6 or 7 weeks and you can tell the difference. When I started I had 11 cm and now it’s at 13.5 cm and it seems to me that there is more to grow yet.

Gabriel / Monterrey, México

* The product arrived in perfect condition, now let’s test its effectiveness. Most importantly, it’s a 100% reliable store, don’t be afraid of buying! The customer service is immediate!

Juan Pablo / Fort Lauderdale, USA

* Very trustworthy store, they fulfill 100% when making the purchase. Regarding the product, you need 3 sessions in the tub to learn how to use it correctly, you feel a constant and uniform suction when using it. I am using it every other day and I am combining it with massages every day. Recommended.

Santino / Bogotá, Colombia

* Good morning. Thank you for the delivery, I was completely satisfied and content with the product. I can tell it’s an original. Many thanks. I already used it and wow I didn’t think it worked like that. It never would have occurred to me.

Juan Manuel / Tampa, USA

* I’ve been using the pump for 1 week and I’ve noticed that I have very good erections with my partner, seems like a very good product. I do jelqing as well

Marcelo / Ciudad de México

* At the end of 2017 I bought the bathmate hydro, I started with a length of 15 CM and today is at 17.5 erect and in terms of thickness I started with 11.7 CM and today I measure 14.5 CM and all this in a month, I’m truly grateful, recovered my confidence as a man

Andy / Dallas, Tx

* I just bought a Hibromax 9, the shipment super fast (24 hours), at first I thought it could be a scam but it wasn’t, super reliable and fast, now expecting results and being constant

Marco / Miami, Fl


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