Why use a Hydropump as opposed to an air pump?

This is a frequently asked question by many people. To answer it we need to take a quick look at the science behind Bathmate water pumps.

Penis pumps have been around for many years. Not only have they been used by men to increase penis size and improve the quality of their erections. They have also been used extensively in the medical sector to treat men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Prior to the invention of the Bathmate Hydropump, all penis pumps operated using air to generate the vacuum inside the pump. The Bathmate Hydropump was the first to use water and is now the acknowledged world leader in hydropump technology.

Water pumps vs. Air pumps HydroXtreme 7 pump and box front

Main differences between Water vs. Air pumps for penis enlargement:

  1. Enhanced Blood Flow: Water pumps promote better blood flow to the penile tissues due to the consistent and evenly distributed pressure. Improved blood flow can contribute to more effective and lasting enlargement results over time.
  2. Longer-Lasting Results: Users of water pumps often report that the results tend to be more sustainable. The consistent and controlled pressure helps in gradual tissue expansion, leading to more permanent gains in both length and girth.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Water pumps often create a stronger and more consistent vacuum seal, which can lead to more effective results in a shorter period. The water’s resistance helps create a more powerful vacuum compared to air.
  4. Even Pressure Distribution: Water pumps provide more even pressure distribution around the penis, reducing the risk of injury. The water helps to cushion the pressure, ensuring that it is applied uniformly. Air is inconsistent and unpredictable. When air is removed from a vessel, an uneven vacuum is created due to the air being removed too quickly, which can lead to bruising, bending and bulging of the penis.
  5. Reduced Edema Risk: Water pumps are less likely to cause edema (fluid retention and swelling) because the water pressure is more controlled and less likely to cause uneven pressure on the blood vessels and tissues.
  6. Enhanced Comfort: Many users find water pumps more comfortable to use. The warmth and buoyancy of the water can make the pumping process feel more natural and less abrasive, reducing discomfort during and after use.

Overall, water pumps tend to offer a safer, more comfortable, and potentially more effective option for penis enlargement compared to air pumps.

How does Bathmate work with water

Using water to create the vacuum

Water is consistent under pressure and can be drawn out of the vessel much slower than air. When water is expelled from the vessel, an even vacuum is created around the entire length and girth of the penis. This creates an even, solid cushion around the penis and allows for uniform expansion without any of the nasty side-effects associated with air pumps.

The use of water makes the Bathmate penis pump significantly different from traditional air-based penis pumps. This approach offers several distinct advantages:

  • Improved Effectiveness: Hydrotherapy has demonstrated its ability to enhance blood circulation and tissue expansion, potentially increasing penis size and enhancing erectile function.
  • Uniform Pressure Distribution: Water ensures a more consistent distribution of pressure, minimizing the risks of uneven enlargement or injury. 
  • Greater Comfort: Water-based pumping offers a more comfortable and soothing experience, decreasing the likelihood of discomfort or injury compared to air-based pumps.
  • Convenience: The Bathmate is versatile enough to be used in various settings, such as the shower or bath, making it easy to integrate into daily routines.
  • Increased Safety: The hydraulic pressure of the Bathmate is more manageable compared to air pressure, which can inadvertently create excessively strong vacuums if not closely monitored.

The Bathmate penis pump presents a distinctive and inventive method for penis enlargement, distinguishing it from conventional pumps.

Featuring hydrotherapy technology, an ergonomic design, and an adjustable pressure system, the Bathmate offers a comfortable, efficient, and flexible option for those looking to enhance penis size, boost erectile function, and improve overall sexual performance and confidence.

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