Bathmate Sizes

Your penis enlargement starts with selecting a Bathmate pump size according to your current erect penis measurement. We have pumps for all penis sizes, from less than 3 inches all the way up to more than 9.

Just visit our size guide, select your size, then choose between our available pump models.

Bathmate Size Chart

Find your perfect penis pump in the Bathmate size guide where you will find all Bathmate sizes and models.

Please refer to the size chart below for minimum and maximum lengths and girths for each of our pump size. You will also be able to view each product’s individual size dimensions when visiting a product page.

Bathmate sizes

How to find the correct size for your Bathmate pump

It’s essential to choose the right size Bathmate pump based on your current penis length to ensure optimal results.

Selecting a Bathmate pump that is too large may result in inadequate pressure, whereas choosing an undersized pump can lead to discomfort and unsatisfactory results.

Bathmate sizes

Start here by selecting your size

Not sure about your exact penis size?

Please refer to our step-by-step guide on how to measure your penis properly, then visit the size chart to see all available Bathmate sizes.

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