How to start your penis enlargement with Bathmate:

  1. Select your Bathmate pump size according to your current erect penis measurement.
  2. Select your model and enjoy free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  3. Receive your brand new Bathmate penis pump and start your penis enlargement exercises.

Start here by selecting your size:

Official Bathmate size guide

Want to get the best possible results from your workout? This official Bathmate sizing guide shows you the minimum and maximum lengths and girths for each of our pump sizes.

Bathmate size chart

Do you need to measure your penis?

It is very important to find out your current erect size before choosing your Bathmate pump. Please refer to our step-by-step guide on how to measure your penis properly, then visit the corresponding size range and select your Bathmate pump.

What if you are between 2 sizes?

Sometimes a person has a penis size that makes it difficult to know what pump size to choose. For example if your penis measures 4.9 inches, should you select the Hydromax 5 size range or the Hydromax 7 size range?

In this case, we recommend choosing the Hydromax 7 range which is for 5 to 7 inches. We recommend this because in these particular cases the pump will not be too big while at the same time the pump will give you more space to increase size.

In all other cases, we don’t recommend choosing a pump that is too big for you (e.g. choosing a Hydromax 9 when measuring 6 inches) because it will not generate optimal suction and therefore will not achieve the desired results.