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What is the difference between the models?

We offer three appealing lines of Bathmate penis pumps, each tailored to meet the needs of different users. Differences beween the pump series include size range, design features and included accessories. All are engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

Our Bathmate Hydro series is perfect for beginners who want to start off with a basic, low-cost pump. As the original and first hydropump in the world, it harnesses the power of water to create a potent yet safe pressure level, enabling users to effectively increase penis size.

Our Bathmate Hydromax series features a redesigned system that delivers 35% more power than the Hydro series and is ideal for both beginners and more experienced hydropump enthusiasts, delivering advanced performance and tangible size improvements.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme series was designed for advanced users, or users who simply want the best possible performance and results. It is the most powerful penis pump on the market, equipped with a handball. HydroXtreme allows users to experience maximum safe pressure effortlessly and with maximum gains.

Users should choose a model based on their individual needs, budget, preferences and penis size to ensure optimal results. Learn more about the difference between the models to an informed decision which model to buy.

Do all beginners have to select the basic pump?

No, all Bathmate pumps are designed and manufactured for both new and experienced users, it is more a questions of how much you want to spend and your personal preferences.

What you may want to consider is that the more advanced the hydropump, the better the chances are that you will obtain maximum gains.