What is Mr Thick Dick?

There has been a surge in ads for penis enlargement serums in recent years, promising users a simple solution to increase penis size with just a few applications.

These serums often claim to contain potent ingredients that can penetrate the skin and stimulate growth, leading to significant gains in length and girth over time.

Mr Thick Dick

Does Mr Thick Dick work?

While some serums may contain ingredients that can improve blood flow or enhance sexual performance, no gel, serum or cream alone can lead to permanent enlargement of the penis. They simply cannot be absorbed by the penis in order to expand its tissues.

There are however proven methods to increase penis size using a serum. Keep on reading to find out what they are and instructions on how to do them correctly.

How to enlarge your penis with a serum

You can use a penis enlargement serum like Mr Thick Dick to increase penis size by practicing Jelqing, a penis stretching exercise that involves repeatedly massaging and squeezing the penis to force blood flow and expand the erectile tissue.

Achieving meaningful gains in penis size has also been proven to work exceptionally well by combining the Jelqing exercises with the use of Hydro penis pumps. Thousands of men report growth of more than 1.5 inches in length and girth combining these two techniques.

Choosing the right serum for Jelqing

To maximize results from Jelqing, it is highly recommended to use a specialized Jelqing serum instead of a general serum like Mr Thick Dick.

Max Out is the world’s first serum designed to enhance your Jelqing results, produced with Testostomax (TM), a unique mixture of 23 components

Max Out works perfectly together with hydro penis pumps to truly maximize gains.

Choosing the correct Hydropump size is very important to maximize your penis enlargement results. At Bathmate Store you can select between 5 different sizes according to the current size of your erect penis.

Step-by-step instructions: How to use Mr Thick Dick Serum

As mentioned above, the main purpose of a gel like Mr Thick Dick is to do Jelqing exercises. Here is a step-by step guide how to use it:

How to use Mr Thick Dick - step 1
  1. Step 1: Lubricate

Before starting your workout, lubricate your penis with olil, vaseline or a Jelqing serum like Maxout.

How to use Mr Thick Dick - step 2
  1. Step 2: The OK grip

Use your thumb and index finger to form a circle shape around the base of the penis. Your penis should be somewhere between 50% and 75% erect. Never perform this exercise with a full erection.

How to use Mr Thick Dick - step 3
  1. Step 3: Start at the base

With the OK grip, start at the beginning of the shaft, as close as possible to the pubic area. The penis should be relaxed enough to start pushing the blood flow towards the penis head. 

How to use Mr Thick Dick - step 4
  1. Step 4: Move the grip towards the penis head

Move your finger grip sqeezing the penis gently upwards toward the penis gland. A correct pressure is when there is no pain but you are still able to push blood flow towards the head of the penis.

Mr Thick Dick how to use mr thick dick step 5
  1. Step 5: Finish

Finish the movement right before the penis head. You just performed your first jelq! Every jelq should last 2 – 3 seconds. Repeat the jelq 100 times or for up to 20 minutes, switching hands during the workout. Make sure to stop the exercise if you experience pain or get a full erection.

Never do the exercise with a full erection, nor on the penis head. Stop exercise if you feel pain. You should not ejaculate during exercise.

Does Jelqing work for penis enlargement?

Although medical institutions have not dedicated research to the subject, some certified professionals have, such as Doctor Richard Howard of YourPenisDoctor.com who has seen men gain up to 10 cm with this exercise.

Furthermore, thousands of men in different forums have shared their success stories using the Jelqing routine.

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