Along with our powerful range of Bathmate Penis Pumps, we offer a full range of accessories designed to help you get the very best from your pump, whether that means enhancing your sex life or taking care of your Bathmate.

Please see a brief description of each accessory further down this page.

About the Bathmate Accessories


Bathmate Replacement Parts

The replacement parts include several products that will either extend the product lifetime of your Bathmate pump, or enhance the pump experience itself:

  • The valve replacement pack allows you to replace the unique locking valve that water passes through when pumping, restoring your pump valve to its original condition.
  • The Hydromax long insert replaces your Hydromax or HydroXtreme pump insert in case you’ve lost it or it’s worn out.
  • Pump cushion rings provide extra comfort as they soften the base of the pump against your pubic area.
  • Hydro 7 replacement pads are designed for the Hydro 7 pump and serve the same purpose as the cushion rings.


Please check our wide selection of accessories that will allow you to get the most out of your hydropump experience and achieve the best possible results:

  • Maxout is the world’s first Jelqing cream made with Testostomax (TM). Performing the Jelqing exercises in combination with a hydropump generates even greater growth.
  • Hydrovibe is the first vibration system designed for all Bathmate hydropump models for a more entertaining and efficient exercise.
  • Bathmate Trim helps you get the very best results when you use your Bathmate penis pump.
  • The Shower Strap helps you have a comfortable exercise in the shower without having to hold the hydropump with your hands.
  • Bathmate Clean ensures perfect cleaning of your hydropump to keep it in optimal condition and extend its life.


The Bathmate Better Sex collection is all about enhancing your experience in bed (or wherever else you choose). With our selection of products all designed for body-safe, long-lasting fun, check below to find the perfect Bathmate accessory for you.

All our accessories are designed to be used alongside our Bathmate Penis Pumps, but they all work just fine all alone.

  • Bathmate Control lets you last significantly longer in bed for more enjoyable and lasting sex for you and your partner.
  • Pleasure Lube supplements natural lubrication, helping you have the very best sex possible.
  • Power cock rings add a new level to your sex life, enhancing your erections and intensifying your orgasms.
  • Vibrating cock rings with 4 different types that ajust differently to your penis.
  • Vibe Bullet is an incredibly potent bullet vibrator that relaxes the muscles and releases serotonin y dopamine for both men and women.
  • Hand vibe intensifies your experienece while masturbating,
  • Vibe Edge gives you more intense orgasms than ever.
  • Maximus Vibe produces immense vibrations.
  • Rise that gives you an instantaneous rush of Nitric Oxide to maintain erection health.


Anal sex is more popular than ever and it is estimated that more than 40% of Americans have tried it, however, it is important to do it correctly and with preparation, this is why we present 5 very important accessories:

  • The Vibe training plugs help you gradually adapt and develop your anal capacity.
  • The Anal training plugs are body safe silicone training plugs made to take you from anal learner to total expert.
  • The Anal Lube is a super thick formula, perfect for any type of anal play with toys or partners.
  • Anal Toy Cleaner is the first cleaner formulated to keep anal toys hygienic.
  • HydroRocket Douche is an anal shower that maximizes your personal hygiene.

Want to know more about anal sex? Visit our Anal Academy for an expert introduction to anal sex!


Many people agree that prostate orgasms tend to be much more pleasant and intense than traditional ones. Our accessories for prostatic orgasms are designed to achieve this amazing male climax – alone by yourself or with your partner:

  • Prostate Pro is the premium massager with more than 30 vibration patterns to stimulate the male G-spot. 
  • Prostate Vibe is ergonomically designed to deliver mind-blowing prostate orgasms.

Use the accessories with the Bathmate Hydropump Series